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About Nicole Marchenko Psychometric Assessment


Nicole Marchenko owner of the practice

082 710 4244

7 Westbourne Road

Richmond Hill

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape


Nicole Marchenko

Qualified Psychometrist | Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape


Hello everyone! I am a registered Psychometrist under the Health Professions Council of South-Africa (HPCSA). Psychometrists are Psychological practitioners with special expertise in the use of Psychological tests. I completed a BA Psychology Honours degree at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in Port Elizabeth during which I obtained the Faculty of Health Sciences 1st degree award. I then specialised in psychological assessment, obtained my Bpsych Equivalent degree in Psychometrics and completed my internship at Missionvale Psychology Centre (MPC), Port Elizabeth.

Following this I started my own practice. I specialise in scholastic screening assessments, school readiness assessments, special school placement, concessions and accommodations, behavioural. cognitive ability, ADHD Screening and memory assessments. Hence, my area of practice is very useful in the scholastic domain but can also include people of all ages and circumstances.

I developed an interest in psychological assessment during my final year in Psychology. This interest was solidified and formed into a passion during my time at MPC. Throughout my internship I worked with individuals of various ages and diverse backgrounds. I found this extremely rewarding and meaningful.

Since the types of assessments I do often involve children, I view what I do as proactive and impactful. Areas of developmental, learning or environmental needs of a child can be identified prior to hindering their progress in life or learning environments.

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