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Psychological Assessment Services
Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape

Teacher Helping Student

Scholastic Assessments

A broad but comprehensive assessment that will determine whether a particular issue exists that may warrant more specific assessment. This is useful in a scholastic context if your child is underperforming or struggling in school and you would like to find out what factor may be causing this. Screening assessments cover aspects such as, visual-motor integration, non-verbal reasoning and spelling, reading and math ability. 

Children experiencing attention issues

ADHD Screening

A screening assessment for children, teenagers and adults to determine whether an individual may have ADHD and how severe the symptoms are.

Learning with Tablets

Special-School-Placement Assessment

Determines if your child will benefit from learning in a modified environment that will be conducive for their growth, and where their unique learning needs will be properly catered to. Includes a full IQ assessment along with numerous other tests. These can further determine if a specific learning disability may be present.

Students Taking Exams

Exam Concession Assessment

Determines whether your child requires concessions or accommodations for tests and exams and, what type of accommodation would best suit them. For example, extra time, readers and scribes.

Ready for School

School Readiness Assessment

An assessment administered to Grade R learners to determine their developmental readiness for formal schooling (progression to Grade 1). It examines whether your child’s development is progressing at the rate expected for their age, if they require monitoring in their learning, supportive intervention or, if they may benefit from delaying commencement into Grade 1.

Creative Thoughts

Verbal Learning and Memory Assessment

Examines a range of aspects of verbal learning and memory processes and provides information on an individual's rate of learning.

Brain, IQ, intelligence

Cognitive Ability (IQ) Assessment

A full and comprehensive assessment that obtains a picture of both verbal and non verbal cognitive abilities/intellectual functioning. This determines the level of general intelligence, for instance to predict scholastic achievement. Evaluates strengths and weaknesses over a wide range of cognitive areas, provides IQ scores, allows for appropriate intervention decisions and can identify gifted children in terms of their overall intelligence potential.

Career Assessment

Career Guidance Assessment

A personalised career assessment that evaluates learner's abilities, interests, skills, personality and competencies. Results in a unique personality code that enables learners to discover occupations that best align with their personality type. A detailed list of well suited career options are then provided which allows for self discovery, occupation exploration and informed career decision making.

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