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ADHD Screening and Behavioural Assessment
Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape

A screening assessment for children, teenagers and adults to determine whether an individual may have ADHD and how severe the symptoms are.

Many factors can cause underperformance or difficulties in home life, school or work. If there are concerns regarding you or your child possibly having ADHD, this assessment can provide clarity.

This assessment is in the format of a questionnaire and is administered to the parent of the child as well as a teacher that knows the child well. This allows for comparisons across settings and environments. For individuals over 18, a self report questionnaire is used.

This assessment can be used for: 

  • Screening for ADHD

  • Monitoring effectiveness of certain medications or behaviour modification techniques

  • Looking for indications of other emotional or behavioural disorders such as depression, anxiety or aggression

  • Providing perspectives on a child's behaviour from people who regularly interact with the child

  • Assists doctors in developing an intervention and treatment plan

  • Creates a comprehensive overview of behaviours

An assessment such as this can be combined with other assessments to provide a comprehensive view of the individual. This ensures that other factors that may potentially be influencing the individual are not excluded.

Take a look at my scholastic assessment service for more information about the assessments this test would be combined with.

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