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Pricing for Psychometric Assessments
Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape


Note: Reports are included and you will not be charged extra for this service

Pricing for private clients 
1 to 30 minutes - R280
30 to 60 minutes - R560
60 to 90 minutes - R840
90 to 120 minutes - R1120
Report writing: Free

Pricing for Group Assessments
Pricing may differ depending on the number of learners in a group 

Screening Assessment - R900 per child

Full Scholastic Assessment - R1120 per child

Career Assessment - R900 per child

School Readiness - R500 per child

Report writing: Free

General overview

Intake interview: 30-60 minutes 

Assessment: 1-4 hours 

Feedback session: 30 minutes

Some assessments take longer than others and the time it takes one person to complete an assessment can be shorter or longer than another. Therefore the total cost can vary depending on these factors. 

However, before you make an appointment for the intake interview or during the intake interview, an estimate can be given regarding the total cost of the assessment process. This will be based on the reason for assessment, the assessments that will most likely be used and the client (for example, age).

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