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Scholastic Assessments
Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape

The psychometric screening assessment service I provide consists of a variety of assessments that can determine if there is a particular issue that exists that may warrant a further or more comprehensive psychological assessment. These are particularly useful in the scholastic context if your child is struggling or underperforming in school and you would like to find out what the cause may be and if a more specific assessment or further evaluation is needed to help your child.

These screening assessments cover aspects that influence performance at school and can include visual-motor integration, non-verbal reasoning, spelling and reading ability and basic mathematical ability. From this, decisions can be made regarding the need for further evaluation that can include examining verbal and non-verbal intelligence, verbal learning and auditory memory or a behavioural assessment.

The process for screening assessments are exactly the same as the other assessment services provided and you will receive a comprehensive report on the results and recommendations will be provided. Screening assessments can be completed during one session and will take roughly 1-2 hours.


This is a useful way to gauge what the outfall is in regards to scholastic performance, if it is caused by any of the above mentioned aspects or whether there could be another reason for the scholastic concerns.

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