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Verbal Learning and Memory Assessment
Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape

This psychological assessment is useful when there are concerns about a child’s or person’s memory that could be a possible influencing factor in their performance at school or work.


This explores an individual’s verbal learning and memory processes which include looking at an individual’s ability to encode, consolidate, store and retrieve verbal information simultaneously. This also allows for understanding an individual’s rate of learning.

Information can be provided on areas such as how well an individual can keep information that they have heard in their brain, how long they can retain that type of information and retrieve it from their memory as well as how sensitive an individual is to distractions and how that impacts the ability to remember auditory information.

An assessment such as this would not be done in isolation but combined with other assessments to provide a comprehensive view of the individual. This ensures that other factors that may potentially be influencing the individual are not excluded.

Take a look at my screening service for more information about the assessments this test would be combined with.

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